It’s a Jungle out there. Let the experts at Green Alligator Multimedia Group be your guides.

JukeboxDog - Request System
Jukeboxdog featureJukeboxDog is a new and exclusive feature in online entertainment for your bar, restaurant, shop, gym or business.
It allows you to have full control over your own jukebox, a request system that allows your clients to choose what songs they’d like to hear, Exclusive Feature
and the music that best suits you and your customers with pre-recorded adverts playing throughout the playlist.
Intuitive and available as an App Integration, JukeBoxDog is guaranteed to take entertainment in your business to the next level.
Exclusive Feature to GreenAlligatorMultimediaGroup!

Pig Push - Targeted Push Notifications
PPTAPushNotificationsPush Notifications are small messages that are sent to all users of an App, containing a message, an image, a link, a special discount, or an event promotion.
At GreenAlligatorMG we took it one step further, restraining the gps coordinations to only deliver a message to users in a targeted area, at a targeted time.
Pig Push, the ultimate advertisement tool!

Humpy-Back Ordering - Food Ordering
HBOrderingCamels played a vital part in the Spice Trade Route between the Eastern and the Western civilization.
With HumpyBackOrdering, you can set your App to take Orders from your own menu, and even send them directly to the Kitchen via Google Printer.
The Future of Food Ordering

BloodHound Gps - Find me
BHGpsThe BloodHound can follow a scent trail left several days in the past. Have you ever parked your car, and had no idea where you left it when you came back? Our bloodhound gps records your GPS position into the APP, and gives you directions back to it from wherever you are! A great way to find lost friends, cars and places, Bloodhound GPS will find anything but your Keys!

The Social Meerkat - Social Media Integration
TSMeerkatA Meerkat clan often contains about 20 meerkats, but some super-families have 50 or more members. So it is no wonder that we chose them to represent all of the Social Media Tools present in today’s world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and just about any social-network can be completely integrated into an App, increasing the visibility of your pages.
Great Integration, but we don’t sell insurance.

Bear Necessities - Contact and Information
BNInfoandContactWhen Nature Calls, you must answer. If your business was stripped down to its bare necessities what would they be?
Location and Contact information of course! One-Touch Calling, GPS location and directions, website link and direct e-mail messaging, and so much more!

The Lion Roar - Tell-a-friend
TLRTellafriendfeatureA lion roar can be heard more than 8kms away.. With the tell-a-friend feature, you can reach the other side of the world within minutes! Everything’s better when it’s recommended by a friend!

The Wild Life Reserve - Reservations
THWLReservationGetting to a place and finding out it is as well organized as the jungle is never a good thing. That’s why we came up with the Wild Life Reserve. Book a table, a ticket or hotel room from the comfort of your phone! Never wait in line again!

MpTree Snake - Music Player/Soundcloud/Podcast Integration
MP3SnakeSnakes have been known to be mean dancers. But why spend so much time slithering away through hours of bad music? Snakes can detect how hot a song is, and play it for you too! Podcast integration, Music Player, SoundCloud integration and bought music downloads from Itunes and other Online music stores

The Chicken Coop - Loyalty Card and Coupons
TCCloyaltycardandcouponsKeep your clients coming back for more eggs with GPS, QR Code and Loyalty Card Coupons. Have them check-in to your business, Scan the code on your wall, or have your staff input a secret code that will offer clients a prize.

Youturtle - Video/Youtube Integration
YTVideoIntegrationYoutube is one of the biggest video hosting services of the world. With billions of users logging in every day, it would make perfect sense to have both direct and indirect connections with your App. Have a video playing inside the app, or link customers to your YoutubePage with our YouTurtle Integration Feature.

Electric Eel Events - Event Scheduling
EEEventsRegarded by many as the best suiting feature for all types of businesses and apps, Electric Eel Events provides you with an Event List that allows comments, attendance and photo gallery. We can create a single event, or a recurring event that happens every specific day of the week. Electric Eel Events. Shockingly Good.

PointerDog - Points of Interest
PDPointsofInterestIf you missed something you shouldn’t have missed, don’t worry. We’ll point it out for you. Help your customers stick around to your area by suggesting points of interest close to your business.

ISpy Photo Owl - Submit Photo
ISPOSubmitPhotosI spy with my little eye, something different from what you spied with yours! That’s why we give your clients the opportunity of sending a picture from their phones, straight to your e-mail adress. Sometimes you need to see things from a 360ยบ perspective.

Freeze Frame - Image Gallery
FFImageGalleryCoverflow or Slideshow? Not a Problem! With Freeze Frame, you get a stunning looking Gallery, that allows photo description and a near unlimited amount of photos.
Never be Ice-olated again!

Pandamonial - Fan Wall / Testemonials
PMFanwallThere’s no better fan than a Panda. There’s no better testemonial, than a Pandamonial. A Fan Wall that allows your clients to write up reviews, voice their opinion or simply leave a comment.

The Raccoon Kart - Shopping Kart
TRK Shopping KartOnce you’ve seen a shopping centre, you’ve seen a Mall! But once you shop with the Racoon Kart, you’ll never visit one again! Online Shopping made easy!

Sports Lizard - Sport Stats
SLSportsJesus might have been able to walk the water. But this lizard can run on top of it. If that doesn’t scream SPORTS we don’t know what does! Keep track of how many reps you do, how many laps you run or how many miles you swim and even of the number of swings you took for each hole of your Golf Match. When you’re done, you can just send yourself or someone else, the results!

MC HammerHead - Mortgage Calculator
MCHHMortgageCalcHere’s a little feature that you CAN touch. Especially if you want to calculate your mortgage.

The Cow Tipper - Tip Calculator
TCTipCalcCows are not known for their math skills. That’s why we decided to help you calculate how to tip them. Not literally of course. That’s just a myth. Or is it?

No Snail Mail Here - Mailing List
NSMHmailingListWith No Snail Mail Here, you can create a mailing list for your clients, that will help you promote events, promotions and helps improve sales. If you need to track your e-mails, just follow the muccus!

The Lock-Out - App Username/Password Protection
Lock-outIn a time where the word “Privacy” has perhaps lost its meaning, Green Alligator MG delivers. With The Lock-Out, you can set a Username and a Password for the entire App which allows you to have control over who sees the App, even if it’s listed as “Free to Download”